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"Hidden away like a treasure...Remsenburg is a charming combination of elegance and tradition in a rustic setting."  Summer Life Magazine May 17th, 1985

Proposed Developments on North Phillips Avenue, Speonk

The Remsenburg-Speonk community heard  two specific proposals (41 & 85) for different developments on N. Phillips, and became aware of at least two others (115 and 135).

Two of these proposed developments call for "down zoning" to allow for increased density, ie. multi-family/apartment units and "affordable/workforce" housing.

Not surprisingly these proposals have created a great deal of concern among residents regarding the impact on our community.  The concerns range from worries over the local schools, taxes, ambience, and traffic to name just some of them.

There has been an immediate outcry by many against these proposals - which in fact are quite different from one another.  

The opposition to "down-zoning" primarily is based on the concern that if one location is down-zoned it will create a precedent for the rest of the community and that in short order the unique, rustic qualities of our hamlet will give way to "up island" problems of congestion, crime, etc.  

N. Phillips is a minimally developed area of Speonk that sits atop the Speonk-Solvent Plume, so it is not surprising that the land is comparatively inexpensive and is attracting development interest.  Before any development occurs, the developers and the Town need to be absolutely certain that they are not exposing residents to unnecessary health risks.

The Remsenburg Association, along with our other community organizations, will work to provide information to the community as well as to help channel the community's views to the Town of Southampton Board.

The RA Board, along with the Speonk Remsenburg Civic Association are opposed to any down-zoning.  The reasons behind this position is that down-zoning would lead to a significant increase in local density beyond "as of right" development.

85 North Phillips

On December 3, at the CAC West meeting heard a presentation of another proposed multi-unit development project on N. Phillips at 85 N. Phillips. (The Town of Southampton has a number of citizens advisory committees that provide input regarding local issues such as proposed developments, zoning requests, etc.)

The meeting came the day after the contentious discussion of the proposed development at 41 N. Phillips (next to the Speonk train station).

This proposal calls for 44 3-bedroom apartments to be built 4 to a building (11 buildings, not including a common room building) on 7 acres, just north of the Speonk train station.  

Like the proposed development at 41 N. Phillips, this would require an "up-zoning" to proceed and would also include "affordable" or "workforce" housing.

Unlike 41 N. Phillips, the location at 85 N. Phillips is in the Eastport Manor School District, and unlike 41 N. Phillips, this proposal is not being backed by the The Housing Authority of Southampton.  Also unlike 41 N. Phillips, this proprosed development is clearly aimed at attracting families. 

41 North Phillips 

The Speonk-Remsenburg Civic Association along with interested community members organized a community meeting with the Southampton Housing Authority and the Developer (Georgica Green) - David Gallo - to discuss a workforce housing proposal for the 4.4 acre property on North Phillips Avenue in Speonk (adjacent to the Speonk train station, along the west side of North Phillips).  

The meeting was attended by easily 100 local residents, who expressed many concerns.  The biggest issues were fear that a zoning change for the property would set a precedent with respect to another 9 acre parcel on North Phillips, where another possible affordable housing project is being considered.  

Other big concerns are the possible adverse impacts on the Remsenburg-Speonk elementary school, local taxes, housing values and traffic. 

Separately, there has been a great deal of discussion/debate on the Speonk Remsenburg Eastport Westhampton Westhampton Beach Neighbors facebook page - please take a look.

Speonk Remsenburg Eastport Westhampton Westhampton Beach Neighbors 

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