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Dedicated to the preservation of the hamlet's unique character

"Hidden away like a treasure...Remsenburg is a charming combination of elegance and tradition in a rustic setting."  Summer Life Magazine May 17th, 1985

ART Remsenburg 



The Remsenburg Academy 


Artist Myron Greene

Out of the Blue to You:  Resurgence of the Latchkey Generation

"Downtown Beirut"  32x53" Chalk, Marker Ink, and Acrylic on Canvas

The energy jumping off Myron Greene's canvases is a product of his adventures as a young man in the prominent nightclubs of the Hamptons and New York City in the 1980s.  His experience of spaces like Danceteria where the high and low of the art and music worlds converged stayed with him through adulthood and now inspires him to revive the freedom, grittiness and creativity that defined the art of his generation, the X Generation, the latchkey generation.

Opening Reception:  Friday, September 22, 5-7pm

Dates: September 22 through Monday, October 9

Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 11am - 3pm

The Remsenburg Academy

                                   130 South Country Road

Remsenburg, New York

ArtRemsenburg is sponsored in part by a cultural arts grant from the Town of Southampton and by East End Arts.