The Remsenburg Association
PO Box 187
Dedicated to the preservation of the hamlet's unique character

"Hidden away like a treasure...Remsenburg is a charming combination of elegance and tradition in a rustic setting."  Summer Life Magazine May 17th, 1985

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need additional information please email us at:


Who can join the Remsenburg Association?

Anyone who is a resident of Remsenburg.

We also have a category of membership for non-residents who wish to suppor the Association -- "Friends of Remsenburg"


 How much are the annual dues?

 The annual dues are $50.


How can I become active in the Remsenburg Association?

Please Contact Us to let us know of your interests.


 How do I apply for a tree under the Association's tree planting program?

 Periodically the Remsenburg Association undertakes a shade tree planting program which is designed to help maintain our tree-lined streets.  If you have a location  along the street side of your property that you think might qualify, please email us to evaluate.


What is the difference between the Remsenburg Association and the Remsenburg Academy?

While both the Remsenburg Association and the Remsenburg Academy Association are non-profits, the Academy Association was created (by the Remsenburg Association) to be the steward of the Academy building and grounds.  The Academy is owned by the Town of Southampton, and is leased to the Remsenburg Academy Association - a 501(c) organization. Contributions to the Academy Association are tax deductible, whereas contributions to the Remsenburg Assocation are not.  The two organizations work cooperatively together.