The Remsenburg Association
PO Box 187
Dedicated to the preservation of the hamlet's unique character

"Hidden away like a treasure...Remsenburg is a charming combination of elegance and tradition in a rustic setting."  Summer Life Magazine May 17th, 1985

About Us

The Remsenburg Association is a non-profit community organization dedicated to the preservation of the charming qualities of our historic and bucolic little hamlet.   The Association also seeks to build and enhance the sense of community of Remsenburg.   All Remsenburg residents are welcome as members.  

After much discussion among the board members, the board has determined that an important element of this goal is opposing changes in zoning that could lead to increased residential density in our hamlet.

The board is not against development per se be it affordable or workforce housing, but does believe that down zoning would lead to a fundamental change in the character of our community.

The Remsenburg Association was founded in 1946. The objectives of the Association were to preserve the hamlet “as a quiet, rural community” and discourage “any new, industrial, trade or business purpose, other than agricultural”. The Association seeks to facilitate social interaction and harmony amongst its residents, preserve and foster the beautification and rural charm of the community, and act as an advocate for the safety of and issues of concern to its citizens. A volunteer committee of residents who love the community have selected programs each year that appeal to a variety of interests.  

The Remsenburg Association publishes a weekly Newsletter through much of the year, that is distributed by email.  If you are interested in receiving the RA Weekly Newsletter please send us your name , and contact information via the "contact us" page on this website.

If you are a resident of Remsenburg, we would like to strongly encourage you to join the Remsenburg Association as a means of supporting and promoting our community.

The Remsenburg Association Board of Governors

We are individuals from the community who volunteer to serve on the governing board of the Association for the benefit of the community. Members of the board reflect the community and are largely full-time, working residents, some with children in the local schools, as well as some part-time residents.


Phil Smyth, President

Joshua Berger

Darryl Butkos

Deirdre DeVita

David Grigg

William Heine

John Hull

Michele Le Moal-Gray, Secretary

Hal Levine

Nancy Lombardi, Membership

Jennifer Marwood, Treasurer

Nic Millward




Hello Remsenburg Residents  
February 22, 2012
Update on Webb Property Preservation Activity 
More than thirty-five people responded to the Association email and letter
of earlier this month.  There were many thoughtful emails and an
overwhelming and enthusiastic expression of support for our work. 
Great interest and support for preservation of the property and possible
development of a trail was expressed.  Some generous residents mentioned
their willingness to make a substantial financial contribution to make
preservation possible and a number of people volunteered to be on a trail
Unfortunately we now have the unhappy task to advise you that the developer
of the former Webb property on South Country Road contacted the Community
Preservation Fund (CPF) last week to tell them he is not a willing seller
at this time.  As a result, CPF is suspending its review of the property
and any further efforts at preservation.  (Mary Wilson, CPF Manager, sent
an email advising us of this.  A copy follows.)
In view of this position taken by the developer, we must now discontinue
our efforts to work for preservation of the property.  This leaves a void.
Starting with meetings with environmental groups beginning last July and
continuing through the Annual Meeting in November that included speakers on
how CPF works, and preparation of a proposal in December, preservation of
the land was a strong focus of our efforts.
If the developer is not willing to consider a sale, there is nothing CPF or
the Association can do. I know many in the community will be disappointed,
maybe most of us.  We certainly are, but we can't force an unwilling seller
to sell.
RA Board of Governors
From: Mary Wilson 
Subject: RE: Remsenburg Activity
Date: February 15, 2012 3:23:23 PM EST
To: Sally Pope [email protected]
HI Sally:
I wanted you to know that Mr. Citarelli contacted me yesterday and
indicated that he is not a willing seller at this time. Since this is an
essential component to the CPF program and our process, I advised that CPF
would then suspend our new review of this project until such time as the
landowner expresses an interest in preserving the property.  Thank you and
please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or comments.